A Woman’s Journey of Self-Empowerment!

Monthly Archives: January 2016

‘Freeing Godiva’ is the quest of a woman to liberate herself, so she can share all she is with others. An ex-boyfriend back in London, England, long before I got involved in this project here in NYC, used to call me ‘Lady Godiva’. I guess, he saw something in me that I did not even see in myself at that time. I was familiar with the legend of Godiva. She was a noble woman in the 11th century whose passion to bring art & culture to her people took her above any fear and had her step up to her husband’s challenge.
My own journey to self-empowerment was and still is not always easy and I constantly need to be really listening inside myself to understand where the journey will lead me. My move from New York City to the outback of the Crazies in the rural State of Montana was not my idea, it was guided by my husband, who I married 3 years ago. A very late 1st marriage at 53 yrs of age to a man that I greatly admire and who came into my life to teach me how to nurture, share and align myself to the freedom of pure nature. Living here for the last 6 months makes me realize, how sterile, tight and automatic, yet, very comfortable my life in the big city was. I was so used to city life that nothing much could upset my status quo – yet, at the same time, nothing much could change or transform within me…
I am inviting you to contemplate this change as you’re looking at those images representing my past and my now habitat.
I am certainly not someone that has not moved around a lot – yes, from country to country and even continents – yet, I’ve always lived a city life and to move to such a remote location certainly stirred up a place within me that felt uncomfortable. Yet, inside of me, I know, that I had to come here as there will never be true change in our lives, unless, we’re willing to face our deep rooted discomfort, adversity or fear and learn how to go beyond it.
At this point, I would like to invite you to comment and look at your own life to reflect:

What could be a real stretch for me – a challenge that can turn into a huge opportunity in my life -
if I were willing to face it?